‘Failure to Implement’

Business owners have many good ideas for building a more successful business. However they are invariably too busy ‘doing, doing, doing’ the day to day running of their operation.

At The Swillett Portfolio we term this as F.T.I disease.  Failure To Implement.

Fundamental questions should be asked:

  • what do I want to achieve?
  • how can I achieve it?
  • what will that then give me?

The majority of business owners do not put aside enough time during the financial year to deal with some important issues in their business such as:

  • how can we make more customers recommend our business to others?
  • how can we make customers focus on the quality of our products and services rather than the price?
  • how can we make our business unique in the market place?
  • what would happen if we put our prices up?
  • do our customers pay us on time?
  • how do we improve our conversion rate of enquiries into sales?
  • what is our core activity?
  • should we provide a broader range of products and services?
  • is our marketing strategy right – should we build a presence on the web?
  • is our organisational structure right?
  • how can we produce our products and services more efficiently?
  • how good is our financial reporting – do we know how well we are doing against expectations?
  • why are we having to work such long hours?
    • how big do we want to get?
  • what financial reward do we want out of the business?
  • when do we want to retire?
  • For any business to be successful – more time must be spent working ON the business rather than IN the business.

    We work and meet with our clients on a monthly or quarterly basis during the financial year. 

    An action plan is agreed with responsibilities and target dates for completion. This is monitored and progressed to conclusion.

    That way FTI disease is beaten into submission.

    The Swillett Portfolio provides all the traditional services that you would expect to  receive from your accountant.


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